About Us

Our Belief

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

This quote mostly sums up our belief. We are in a time that people expect brands to be the EXPERIENCE providers, they are not only connect with the brand on a product level but also the experience the brand have given to them. We believe that EXPERIENCE creates memory and drives actions and it is the key to successful marketing communications.

Not only creating the right experience but communication also needs to be effective. The way we work, is focusing on EFFECTIVENESS of campaigns. Great ideas or great campaigns cannot be great if they have not answered campaign objectives.

As we focus on creating EXPERIENCE and EFFECTIVE campaign, our works do not focus on any particular platform as one platform may not get us where we dream of going.


Marketing communication that lead by focus on creating EXPERIENCE which bring EFFECTIVENESS to the campaign and focus on CREATIVITY BEFORE PLATFORM is what we believe in.

Our Culture

We are full-service digital agency with members of 25-30, and we plan to keep it that way to maintain our beliefs, culture and services. Our members are highly active in digital channels, young and passionate, who are not only great in their specific skill area but also have understanding in marketing knowledge and highly involve in all our business partner’s brand, products and services.

Professional, equality and fair are the way we live together. We work as a team and everyone idea count. We may have our specific responsibility but to create a great work job role isn’t important as the result.

We are a boutique digital agency who passionate in creating great works that make great impact on clients’ business.